Android fan MKBHD forced to admit IOS is objectively better

>Huge Android fanboy
>Has been making snarky remarks at Apple for a literal decade
>Do an "IOS vs Android which is better" video
>Decide on a list of criteria to compare them by before making the video
>By the end he realizes that Apple wins in more categories
He latter sheepishly turns around and says "well subjectively Android is better for me because I value customization more than ecosystem shit" but the point stands: he was FORCED to admit that Apple wins on more categories where the categories are objective criteria.

  1. 2 weeks ago


  2. 2 weeks ago

    >Ease of us
    I don't think you understand what the word objectively means

  3. 2 weeks ago

    i had to google this guy
    why do you care about the opinion of a youtube nagger who makes videos for other naggers about cellphones
    every 5 years i buy a new phone. it takes about a day of reading some reviews online and then i don't think about phones for another 5 years.
    who the fuck is subscribing to youtube channels about cellphones.
    get a fucking life.

    • 2 weeks ago

      basement dweller detected

      How does Apple win apps
      Don't even have tachiyomi

      more polished

    • 2 weeks ago

      you gotta crawl out of that rock you're under if you don't know MKBHD

  4. 2 weeks ago

    How does Apple win apps
    Don't even have tachiyomi

    • 2 weeks ago

      Apple should lose apps because no third party apps except in Europe. And complete lack of open source ecosystem

    • 2 weeks ago

      >make up arbitrary categories
      >categories are arbitrary

      if i can't install e-boisnatcher what even is the point

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Using Apple objectively means you're gay or a woman, and reddit.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    Weighing each category the same is absolutely retarded.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    How am I supposed to:
    Play pirated music on wired headphones while charging
    Play emulated retro games
    Transfer photos and files to/from a computer through a high speed wired connection
    Upgrade the storage when I inevitably run out
    On a stock iPhone?

    • 2 weeks ago

      Besides using Plexamp or Finamp (why you don't have a Plex or a Jellyfin server set up is beyond me), there are hundreds of apps for playing local files on the App Store.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >3.5mm lightning adapter
      >Sideload emulators via AltStore
      >480 Mbps is already high-speed, especially considering the maximum photo size is only 3-5mb depending on your settings
      >You got me there, although how much shit do you need on your phone? My phone's only 32gb and I have 18gb worth of music and tv shows stored.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >unplug cable
    >phone displays it's still charging
    No suprise there.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    every points android wins . amd muh ecosystem is disadvantage

  10. 2 weeks ago

    >ease of use
    Yea sure, real "objective". Great metric.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    I've used both, stock android is easier to use. The three buttons can't be beat. With only one button you have to hope the app developer put in a back button and where they put it.

  12. 2 weeks ago

    Are you a fucking inbred? Technagger has always had a iPhone bias. If you want proof you can see many archived threads from the past 10 years about it.

  13. 2 weeks ago

    > customization
    This nigga just copies the nazi’s color scheme and pretends like it’s some brand new invention.

    He gay.

  14. 2 weeks ago

    I always thought he was always an iToddler since he had no stance against paying more for less.

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