am scared of being in love. help!

am 20 soo scared of being in love. ive never been in a relationship before nw am in college ive just met a very sweet guy.. he claims he loves me aloot.. ive never told him i loved him too.. bt strictly i love him. since day one i loved him.. hes an addict in social networks he keeps flirting with girls on twitter fb.. theres a girl he usually tweet abt.. they chat talk on phones late night calls talks to her everyday bt he never talks to me the way he talks to her and its killing me inside n yet he claims he loves me.. am sooo hurt insidee.. every time i see him i just want to fly away i dont want to see him.. i get stomach aches tremble sweat cant breath panic when i see him.. i dont knw why dd i allow myself to fall for him.. am really dying insidee and ts getting worser.. i really need help cant hold it anymore!! ts killing me hardly..

  1. 10 years ago

    I sympathise with your situation. Some people seem to want to conduct all their friendships online and boundaries can get seriously blurred. How do I know? It has happened to me! I just split with someone because while I had let him know I did not want commitment I had been too vague, he read a comment from an old boyfriend of mine and went nuts. He set up a revenge situation when I tried to have a face to face talk with him. We have gone our separate ways but he cannot leave me alone on facebook so now I have had to unfriend him and there is no chance of a reconciliation. The tragedy of this situation is that I actually love him so much but could not commit. I was not clear enough and now it has all gone wrong. Long term it is probably for the best as he was not good for me. If I had done this differently I think we might have made good friends.
    Do not be tempted to retaliate on facebook or other site, always be discreet. I recommend that you set face to face clear boundaries in all your relationships. Try your boyfriend. If he cannot comminicate his wants then leave, if you still like him. revenge is best saved for people you hate.

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