Am I over-thinking

Philophobia is what I have recently known of. I am 17 years old and I feel that love is not for me! A girl in my streets stares at me and she's so loud that I can even hear her making fun of me in front of her friends! She feels no shame staring at me! I try to be away from her. I've started getting feelings for that innocent girl who doesn't talks to much boys! I'm in love with her! I feel my heartbeat rise as she gets near me! And I control myself! I try not to talk to her! Am I being in philophobia!

  1. 5 years ago

    having philophobia is having an intense overwhelming fear when it comes to emotional connection or “ love “. i’m not a doctor, just a teenager who believes she has philophobia. it takes over my life and it really does suck. for example when i like someone ill distance myself from them. it’s worse when i know they feel the same for me, i ignore them and just act like an ass. i don’t mean to, i just get scared of all the shit that comes with emotional connection. my childhood wasn’t so great which could explain why i’m afraid of emotional attachment, but yeah. try talking to the girl and see how it goes

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