Abusive Alcoholic

I have Philophobia. My grandma and my mom both married an abusive alcoholic. The only thing is that they weren't abusive and/or an alcoholic until after they were married. I'm afraid that I'll fall in love with someone that'll only end up to be abusive and an alcoholic. I feel like since it happened to my mom and grandma then it'll most likely happen to me too. So I end up pushing everyone away yet, I long for someone I can just be happy with.

  1. 10 years ago

    Chances are they were alcoholic before they were married men, they just hid it well or were in a good place because they were in love and starting anew. Some people will do that. Educate yourself on what an alcoholic and what an addictive or abusive personality is - and then trust your gut when you feel the overriding love chemicals taking over...

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