A history of sports betting, from Roman times to the Metaverse The entertainment dates back thousands of years.

Gambling dates back to thousands of years ago, with the earliest records being found on tablets from Mesopotamian history. Further records show gambling spread across all corners of the globe via traders navigating the silk roads which connected China to the west (206 BCE-220 CE). Despite being viewed as a modern form of entertainment, many believe that even sports betting betting took place across many cultures and thousands of years before the earliest records of history.

Of course, gamblers today are able to gamble with a mere click of their fingers since gambling is connected so simply through the power of online betting. Also, thanks to the innovation of the blockchain, gamblers can even place bets with tokens of cryptocurrencies. With the vast selection of Crypto gambling sites evolving across the globe, the future of sports betting is set to grow and evolve more than ever before in history.

Today’s article will investigate where sports betting began to be accepted and practiced, and what made it evolve and develop to its present forms.

Horse betting is where it all began

Horse riding is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the modern age, and it dates back to Roman times. Chariot racing was all the hype 2000 years ago, and many risked their lives for the glory of winning. It was seen as an aristocratic activity, meaning high society often participated in gambling and being spectators within the gladiator stadiums of old.

Today of course we see little of this particular equine activity. It was only in the past 300 years that horse betting was practiced more safely, where those racing horses did not put their lives at stake.

Nowadays horse racing is heavily regulated to ensure safety for both the gamblers and those who participate within the sport. It is due to the development of the racing industry over history, that today we have some of the most popular races within history, such as the Royal Ascot, The Kentucky Derby and The Grand National.

Online gambling changed how punters gambled

Access to the web and online gambling changed the habits of gambling forever. Before, gambling was something that many needed to actively make the effort of participating in. However, when online gambling was introduced in the 1990s, it made gambling all the more accessible to a wider network of people.

The web allowed many to freely communicate and keep up to date with gambling developments all over the world, which of course, made gambling more of a convenience, but additionally introduced a large series of ethical issues that brought implications to gambling. Issues such as problem gambling, illegal gambling and government monitoring of gambling habits were a huge hurdle that needed to be managed and addressed

Through the introduction of national gambling bodies like the Gambling Act and similar entities abroad, governments found sustainable ways of managing the gambling activities of nations.

Crypto technology and the metaverse

Fast forward 20 years and the biggest evolution within gambling is that technology now allows gambling to take place virtually anywhere.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has allowed gambling to take a whole new level and direction. In fact, various bookmakers today have created a virtual space where bettors can place bets on NFT horses, as well as become trainers who raise and look after their virtual horses.

While this concept is still very new and being further developed every single day, it is very clear that the virtual reality of gambling is set to take a whole new pace and structure that will take a lot of adjusting to.

Similarly to the time when the internet broke the 90s, we see the metaverse makes all kinds of crazy new innovations possible. How far will these innovations go while still keeping it within the ethical bounds demanded by society?

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