6 features no renovated kitchen should be without Do it right or go home.

When you renovate a kitchen, you need to be as concerned about the details as you are about the big picture. It’s all well and good knocking through a wall to connect the kitchen with a living or dining room, but if (for example) the wall colour doesn’t complement the countertops then it may end up looking a bit amateurish. It’s not just about the aesthetics, either – there are certain details that need to be got right in order to ensure that the room is functional as well.  We’ve put together 6 features no renovated kitchen should be without.

Scotia beading

One of these functional details is scotia beading – it covers the gap that has to be left in between a wooden floor and the skirting board so that the wood can expand with changes in room temperature, which will naturally happen on a regular basis in the kitchen. It can be purchased in a variety of different colours and finishes to either match or contrast with the floor and the skirting board. Best of all, a competent DIYer can install it themselves.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a feature that can really ramp up the value of your home, even though there are people who doubt its effectiveness as far as room heating is concerned. They might prefer central heating and radiators, but there’s no doubt that underfloor systems are greener and feel more luxurious to potential future buyers. It can be relatively inexpensive, available in both water pipe and electric coil styles and is suitable for any room with any type of floor – it really comes into its own during those winter early mornings, though!

Statement window

In order to let in as much light as possible, kitchen renovations should incorporate a statement window if possible. A big window (or lots of little ones) in an interesting design not only looks attractive and provides a focal point for the room if one is needed, but also makes it look bigger and makes it a nicer room to spend time in for a family.

Deluxe countertops

If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, consider what sort of decorative impact the unit surfaces might have if you choose a surface with either made out of granite or marble or with that kind of effect. Plain surfaces are safe, cheap options that are fine but don’t really have the “wow” factor. Work surfaces are details often put to the side during redecorating, but they are a major part of kitchens and bathrooms – as much care should be put into choosing work surfaces as furniture.

Stainless steel appliances

Although appliances can come in a variety of forms and finishes and you should naturally attempt at least some uniformity between them, stainless steel has a unique timeless yet contemporary quality that suits any kitchen design and is easily affordable for most households. There are also various green options available that help to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

Creative storage options

If the house as a whole is a bit smaller than you need and you don’t want to do anything radical to the interior to create more space, you can always adopt ingenious storage solutions in the kitchen, as well as in other rooms. Take advantage of a widely available variety of shelves, cabinets and compartments that extend, twist and turn to free up the kitchen for more people or furniture.

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