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Admit it: having to deal with getting people to deal with roofing issues, bad plumbing, and all the other problems that come with maintaining a home is a constant and menial irritation. Downtown apartments, and especially luxury downtown apartments, are a great way to have a beautiful home without having to deal with all these usual stresses of home ownership.

Here are four great reasons to stop being lazy and get that downtown apartment you’ve always dreamt about.

Commuting to work (and everywhere else) is easy

You no longer have to spend precious multiple percentage digits of your life sitting in a car; everything you could ever want or need is right outside your door! Odds are your workplace will be located within walking distance of your apartment, and you can say goodbye to the headache of having a car altogether. You also never have to worry about big events being far away from you or hard to get to — when you’re downtown the attractions come to YOU and you just have to be there to enjoy it.

Do you want to ride a little car around and say choo choo? Live downtown and you can.

Fun is all around you

Downtown is where the businesses are and you know what that means: all the best chow! From restaurants that serve the finest meals, to exciting foreign chefs stuffing live squiggling octopuses down your throat, to the new fast food chain you’ve heard great things about — you’ll be able to find any kind of eating experience you can imagine downtown.

Luxury movie theaters with chairside food and beverage service, sports and concert stadiums, and all sorts of other entertainment options are right outside your door. From hitting the local pub for a trivia night or checking out the new escape room that just opened up, you’ll be able to spend every night having a new and exciting adventure out on the town. And, importantly, you’ll always make it home before the sun comes up — unless you don’t want to!

Great service

Everyone that are somebody want to live downtown, so there’s plenty of options when it comes to finding a luxury downtown apartments company that will take care of you. With all this competition to get people to rent their apartments, rest assured people will be dedicated to making sure you have any problems with your apartment handled right away. A happy customer is the best advertisement around and money can’t buy it, so you know your landlord will be doing all they can to make sure you’ll be recommending your friends and family check out their properties if they ever want to move downtown. If you’re living in a downtown luxury apartment like you know you’ll be treated well — that’s how things work when you’re living downtown.

Let’s be honest: being poor just kind of sucks

Remember that time dad caught you smoking the cannabis and he cut you off for a week? That’s what being poor is like — except all the time! People who stay poor for extended periods of time also develop worse teeth, balloon into amorphous cardiac arrest blobs, and start to put ketchup on steak. Being poor is more than a lack of net worth; it’s a state of being and poverty of the soul. Nip poverty in the bud for you and your loved ones and live a happy and fulfilled life, downtown.

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Jess Lannister
Jess Lannister

Just buy some money already.