10 Ways to Create a Good Study Space

If you’re like most students, you probably complain about studying being hard. Well it’s not easy. Memorizing and retaining all that information requires a great deal of effort. Are you making that effort? If you’re getting distracted, the inappropriate study space may be the problem.

Some people are able to read through the textbook while they are in public transport. It works for them. But for most, the level of noise and the number of distractions would make the learning process impossible.

The space makes a huge difference on your focus. So what makes a good study space? Everyone has unique preferences, but there are standard rules that always work.

Choose the Space
It’s important to find space that’s specifically dedicated to studying. When you sit there, you’ll get into study mode simply because that’s what this space is all about. It’s not the space that you use to spend time on social media. It’s for studying.

Are you wondering why students get more focused when they go to the library? The intention sets the mood. Having a dedicated space in your room helps you set an intention to study.

Get Rid of the Distractions
If possible, don’t set the desk in a space that allows you to look out the window. But the window is not the only distraction. If the study space is cluttered, it won’t allow you to focus. You don’t need all those pens, notebooks, and textbooks there. Take only the ones you need and organize the remaining textbooks elsewhere.

The space should be clean and minimalistic. When you’re free of distractions, you’ll be able to focus. You might even end up completing the assignments sooner than planned, so you can have time to write college essays for money. Many students struggle with academic assignment. If you’re good at focusing and writing, you can use that talent to earn extra money.

The Chair Has to Be Great!
You need a comfortable chair, which won’t make your back hurt after hours of sitting. But it should still be a chair. Don’t even think about studying on your bed; that’s way too comfortable and it will make you fall asleep.

A good chair keeps your back straight and lets you rest the feet on the ground, flat.

Adjust the Temperature
The room temperature affects your productivity. If you can, make sure to adjust it to a comfortable level for your needs. You shouldn’t feel too hot or too cold. If you don’t have air conditioning in the room, you’ll have to plan the studying sessions when the temperature is more comfortable. For example, you’ll study in the evening in summer.

Adjust the Lighting, Too
Bright, white light is important for your study space. Research shows that students are more focused under such lighting.

Clean Up
Your desk has to be organized and clean all the time. Of course, you’ll make a mess with your studying materials and you’ll have your coffee and snacks there. That’s okay, but it’s important not to leave the mess behind, since you’ll be inspired to study there next time.

Your Computer Should Be Organized, Too
The computer is an important element of the study space. It should be free of clutter, too. Get rid of all files you don’t need this semester. If you’re attached to old projects, you can keep them on the cloud. Dropbox and Google Docs are great for that. Organize everything in folders, so you’ll easily find something when you need it.

Add a Touch of You
Being tucked away in the corner in a generic, clean place won’t trigger your focus mode. You need something to inspire you. You can create a board where you’ll hang motivational quotes, drawings, articles, or anything else you like.

Personalizing the space makes you feel more comfortable while studying.

Hang a Schedule
Procrastination is one of the most common student problems. To motivate yourself to work on the tasks way before the deadline, you should create a large schedule and hang it on the wall. Mark the deadlines and plan how you’ll work your way towards them.

Add a Plant
The quality of the air you breathe plays a huge role in your mood. Houseplants improve the quality of indoor air, and they make your dedicated space more beautiful. Choose your favorite plant and take good care of it!

Create a Space You Love
You’ll be spending a lot of time studying. It’s what a student does. Most of the day is reserved for classes. But when you get in your room and you’re ready to dedicate some time to studying, the space will make a huge difference.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money in the study space. You just need a desk and a chair. The rest is in the way you use the space. Your room is tiny, but that’s okay. Can you fit in a desk in the corner? That’s all takes!

Elizabeth Skinner is a productivity guru, freelance editor, and full-time blogger. She loves research, writing, reading, and travel.

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