10 reasons students pay for essay writing help online

We don’t want to make up reasons for students to buy essays online — we need a realistic overview — so we’ve gathered feedback among our readers: real students.

Here is what they say.

They Can’t Handle Writing Pressure

“I don’t like to pay for academic help, I am a good, diligent students, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard. College writing assignments are simply overwhelming. I tried to count once — you need to write simply non-stop to get done with everything on time. And somehow you need to do research, and also proofread the paper before submitting. It is just absolutely overwhelming, so I order papers online from time to time.” —Cassidi

They Are Not Up to a Challenge Yet

“It all started too fast, I wasn’t ready to that. With some essays I deal easily, but most of them are a real challenge for me and, unfortunately, textbooks don’t help much. They are too theoretical. So I looked for someone to write my paper for me and later use it as a paper and as a learning material for future assignments.” —Tim

They Need a Reliable Plan B

“Basically, I can deal with any essay writing assignment now on my own. They are not that hard as many students tend to complain. It is not a good thing to say maybe, but mostly students order papers because they are lazy, and I am not. But I ordered several essays to choose a good agency in case I need some paper written fast, and I am in trouble. So, basically, I just formed my plan B.” —Gram

They Fall In Love

“It may be the most unconventional answer, but lovelife doesn’t help with studies. You can’t count on yourself when you are in the middle of passionate stage of your relationship. The least thing that bothered be then was my essay writing. But, at the same time, I wanted to graduate, so I figured my way out. In several months I was back to normal and never ordered papers later.” —Jonathan

They Need a Side Job

“Did you know that buying papers online and working is cheaper than spending all your time on essays day and night? I work a lot, I need to support myself. Some of the essays I buy from online services, some write on my own. I don’t see a problem, really.” —Caren

They Want to Launch Their Own Project

“I have my own startup project and I am very interested in it, I devote almost all my time to develop it. College is very helpful in it, but I can’t spend days on writing. So, when I need to work on my project and essays pile up, I order some of them online.” —Ginger

Their Professor Hates Them

“I am a good student and I write my papers on my own. However, my American History class is an utter disaster, the professor hates me, he tries to find every minor technical mistake in my essays. So when it comes to papers for his class I just buy them from experts. He acts unprofessional and I am not obliged to play by the rules here.” —Jessica

They Have Chosen a Wrong Class

“Well, we all make mistakes, by choice of this class was a mistake, though my choice of the specialty wasn’t. If I spend all my time dealing with something I am not interested in, it will ruin me, my progress, my integrity. Papers for this class are written for me by someone else, and I feel no remorse.” —Andrew

They Have Health Issues

“I got pretty sick right in the middle of my term paper writing. You know how some of the professors are, right? They don’t trust students, maybe they are right, but it wasn’t funny then. So I just bought the second half of my term paper from a professional writing service and called it a day.” —Esther

They Are Desperate Procrastinators

“I can’t concentrate on my assignments, I can’t deal with them the way I should. It’s all my fault, but procrastinators will procrastinate.” —Tony

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