10 Beautiful Uses of OpenCart

OpenCart is ranked third by the number of users among all E-commerce systems. In fact, according to WebSpotter, a stunning 204,114 sites are currently using it.

So let’s take a look at 10 of the best websites using OpenCart. Get ready to be inspired.

6 Dollar Shirts

The name of this site speaks for itself: the company sells T-shirts, and each T-shirt costs $ 6.

At the top of the site, there are sections with categories of T-shirts, and below on the main page you can see a list of T-shirts with images and prices.

The site is made mainly in gray color.


WholesaleBox is an India-based digital store for wholesale buying and selling where retailers can buy goods at bulk factory prices.

As on many modern E-commerce sites, on the top of the page, you can choose categories of goods, and below on the main page, you can see real offers with pictures and prices.

The site is based on a white-blue color scheme.


LATICCI is a digital store selling fashionable shoes and clothes.

The site is minimalistic: it contains a minimum of text and is based on a black and white color scheme.

At the top of the main page, you can select the type of products.


Ruby’s is a US-based boutique which sales different types of dresses via its digital store.

At the top of the main page you can choose the categories of dresses, below you can choose the collections you are interested in, and even lower you can see the real offers with prices.

The site is made mainly in black and white colors with the addition of red color.

Svapo Store

Svapo Store is an Italian site selling electronic cigarettes and various accessories, such as refills and cartridges.

The site looks like a typical modern digital store: all products are divided into categories, and there is a search feature.

The site is made mostly in red and gray tones.


RoseRoseShop is a South Korean E-commerce store that sells cosmetics.

On the site, you can choose the category of goods, look at what products are sold best, and find products at a discount.

The site uses many bright colors on a white background.

Goody 25

Goody 25 is a digital platform that allows users to create and share content.

On the site, you can choose topics that interest you, as well as see the latest user articles.

Also, the site looks bright and colorful.


GrossoShop is a digital store selling Android mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as accessories.

The site is minimalistic and does not contain anything superfluous: you can select categories of products, as well as select a specific product.

The main color of the site is white, but other colors are also used.


Walton is a famous Bangladeshi marketplace where customers can buy electronics, automotive products, home appliances, and other goods.

The site design is perfect for the digital market: all products are divided into many categories, and each product contains an image and a description.

The site is lively and contains many different colors.


Hairfinity is an American company focused on creating and selling hair cosmetics.

On the site you can find many sections; for example, shop, expertise, testimonials, and even a blog.

The site makes terrific use of white, grays, and pink.

OpenCart is extremely popular among owners of corporate sites, and especially among E-commerce store owners. The results and numbers speak for themselves and we hope we’ve left you inspired if you’re thinking of creating your own online store.

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